Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fa-la-la-la-Looking a Lot Like Christmas at J.Crew...

I love the holidays!  No, really, I have an abnormal affinity that, despite any inconvenient life circumstance, I remain delightfully enamored with all things holiday.  The lights, the music, even the cranky Christmas shoppers.  Love, love, love it all!
And, as always, no one does it better than J.Crew!  Perfect flannels, pops of red and tartan everywhere, and enough glitzy glam to get you through the soiree season!
Now is the time to grab that cup of coffee...or glass of wine.  Lots of gorgeous images to follow...

Continuing the trend of flirty little skirts,,,but now, they're paired with scarlet flannel.  This flannel changes it up a bit, with a longer length and high cut slits up the sides.  Love this little flannel and ruby red family...great holiday card pic!

Right from the entry, you're welcomed with the bright shade.  The red flannel pull on pants are sure to sell out.  Look fab...and comfortably eat all the pumpkin pie you want!  And the geometric print is stunning, and carried throughout, with beautiful scarves (gifts, people!).
And, yes, I am as bothered by that unfolded sequin tee as you are!  Haha!

A closer look at the geo.  And, spy those fantastic black and gold striped pumps...perfect party shoes!

A closer (though absurdly apologies) look at the pants...with more party shoes, in the form of silver and black houndstooth.

Favorite shirt...hands down!  Beautiful, wear with everything, blue pinpoint with tipped grosgrain ribbon and sequins down the sides.  Dying!  Legitimately.  (Also comes in white, with black sequins).  You probably can't live without this one.

Cozy, layered girls in soft, muted shades of grey and blue, paired with dark denim.  Classic, and ready to wear now.  Or, in two weeks, when the temperature inexplicably drops 20 degrees overnight!

The only way to do jammies.  Menswear inspired, or oversized sweats with knit leggings (in fairisle, but of course).  Someone will see me in Dunkin Donuts dressed like this (more than once) this winter.  Judge away...I'll be toasty and cozy!

No words necessary, for the tartan scarf.  But, if you needed a couple, classic and perfect work pretty well.  A great red dress is an essential for the season.  Love the double zipper detail on this one!

In a sea of red, it is always a treat to have the option of a softer palette, as well.  Winter white, camel, blush...all favorites.  Pretty and delicate look amazing with rosy, red cheeks!

Closer look at the blush lace detail.

And...this happened.  Gold, snakeskin high tops.  Creme de la creme of footwear...
they. will. be. mine.

Welcome to the stage, girls!  Not sure what is happening in this pic, but those are feathers, front and center.  Yes, they are.  Amazing party top!  You may also have spotted the gold elephants...because, they do exist!  Fantastic!  I imagine the leather, pleated skirt will be on the hard to find, best of luck!  It will be worth the effort!

Closer look at these cuties.  Spoiler alert!  The print carries through for the minis!  So precious!

I have no doubt a gold foil sweatshirt is on your "necessities" list for the season.  Ask, and you shall receive!  Love it with the wrap skirt!

Scarves.  That's all.
Stunning color on these two beauties.  This is the ivory version of the red dress.  And the blush you really have to ask?  Adore them with oversized, grey cashmere, and some sparkly shoes!

I told you!  Golden elephants abound!  Love the dress, love the skirt!  Also, I may or may not, be squeezing myself into the size 16 version of the red turtleneck and tutu.  Ok, ok...I will seek out the women's version!  I've got a shoe-in for the skirt already...if you haven't checked them out, 
Space 46 Boutique has an amazing selection of tulle!  Pairs back to anything, from flannel to cashmere!

It's that sequin skirt we talked about a couple of weeks ago, again!  Still amazing!  And I love red and royal in a plaid...gorgeous!  And chevron taping on a sweater?  I just don't see why not!  I absolutely adore the glitter mocs!  My daughters lived in these last year...I'm devastated that my eldest has outgrown Crewcuts shoes!  Boats, I tell you!

Black and cream neutrals are beautiful in the winter.  I like adding pops of red or headbands or scarves.  So pretty!

In case you haven't already noticed, the girls color palette plays right back to women's...wrapping up with these gorgeous blushes.  A jeweled pink tutu should just be a staple in every girl's my esteemed opinion.  And that stripe all seriousness, I may have to try the 16 again!  The blush sequins are stunning!  And I can't even, with the sheep sweater!  Adorbs!
This parka is everything!  And the meow scarf, paired with the beanie with ears...great gift!
My girls absolutely freaked out about everything!
I anticipate some pretty amazing Christmas cards this year!  Tiny Prints has an amazing selection this year...check out the gold foil stripe and rose gold chevron!

I gave you a taste of the gift selection, via Instagram.  J.Crew really broadened their horizons this year!  There is a little bit of everything...stockings will be stuffed!
Cult favorite cosmetics, gilded planners and buffalo plaid phone cases are just the beginning!
Did you happen to notice the Band-Aids? Ev. er. y. thing.

These mugs are inspiring me to finally invest in a Keurig for home.  Or, I'll just use these as decorative accents, and continue dragging the kids to Dunkin for my gigantic iced coffee.  Either way!

Headphones, Hugo Guinness coaster, striped luggage tags...teachers, babysitters, besties, alike.  These are all on the list!

Really love a black and white stripe!  You may remember this pretty from the shop.  Love it so much, I'm going to carry it year round!

And, because I am the official "tassel lady" of my area, I'm rounding out this preview with these gorgeous, solid tassel scarves...and peeks at some of the head-turning patterns.

Love the bit of turquoise...and a little red plaid.

Sooooo... you love it, or what?!


  1. Excellent preview! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Do we know when this collection will hot stores?

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! I had my VPS order me some of these items from the Paramus store and I am SO excited to get them. She said they don't roll our for another 2 weeks. I got the red dress, red pants and plaid scarf! But i want all of it!

  4. Thanks for sharing!! Cant wait to see this rollout.

  5. Is this the store @ Garden State?